SHADE Self-Tanner

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SHADE Self-Tanner

As seen on the 2017 Miss Universe & Miss USA contestants on FOX TV! This easy-to-use sunless tanning spray is perfect for a quick face & body tan.  Get instant, natural-looking color that darkens gradually into a long-lasting tan. Infused with tea tree oil & sugar extracts for healthy, purified, glowing skin.  

DIRECTIONS: Exfoliate before use. Hold can about six inches from body. Spray generously in a continuous back & forth or circular motion until desired areas are even. Spray lightly on hands, feet, elbows & knees. Wipe palms of hands. Allow to dry before getting dressed. Leave on for at least six hours before showering. Add a smile for maximum glowing effect! 

  • Sprays on smoothly
  • Fades off evenly
  • Natural based formula
  • No orange guarantee
  • No harsh chemicals

Cruelty-Free | Paraben-Free | Phthalate-Free

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