Sunless Tanning Pro Kamela Brewer Talks Self-Tanner Misconceptions

Sunless Tanning Pro Kamela Brewer Talks Self-Tanner Misconceptions
The founder of Bold Sunless clears up some myths about beauty products and tells us why you should pass on the tanning bed.

Friday, October 20 4:41pm
By Jessi Acuña

Even as the triple digits of summer fade into the double digits of winter, many Las Vegans desire a year-round golden glow. So how does one stay bronzed and beautiful in the most healthy way possible? Kamela Brewer, founder of Bold Sunless, is here to help. Brewer, who has been operating her spray-tan company for nine years, which is the official tanning sponsor of Miss USA and Miss Universe, teamed up with creative partner—and UFC ring girl—Brittney Palmer to launch Shade Self-Tanner this summer. Palmer is also the featured artist, with her original painting included on the bottle. Here, Brewer shares her expertise on how to achieve a good glow, tackling some of the misconceptions about sunless tanning products and waring all to skip the tanning bed.

Self-tanners make you look orange and unnatural.…

Not always! There are plenty of bad products out there, but there are also a lot of good ones, too. Find a product, such as Shade, that’s formulated to look good on all skin tones. The application process also matters: Start with a light coat of self-tanner and build from there. You don’t want to go too dark or too different than your actual skin tone. This will look unnatural, especially as it starts to fade and you can see your real skin color underneath. I recommend going only one to two shades darker.

You don’t need sunscreen when you spray-tan.... 

Having self-tanner on your skin doesn’t mean you don’t need to wear sunblock. These products are not a barrier to protect you from UV rays. Always wear sunscreen, especially on your face. Sun damage can happen even while you’re driving a car.

The product must be organic.…

I am often asked if my products are organic or told that the other products customers previously used were organic. When it comes to food, there is hardly anything I purchase that isn’t USDA-certified organic. This does not apply to sunless tanners. People are often misled by companies putting the word organic or natural on packaging. Instead, look for paraben-free products. These chemicals are most commonly used to preserve beauty products, but studies have found parabens in tissue samples of breast cancer tumors.

Tanning beds are not harmful.…

Tanning beds increases your risk of developing skin cancer because of the intense dose of ultraviolet (UV) light. Not to mention, rapid aging happens from UV radiation, which means that wrinkles, saggy skin, brown spots and moles can develop. And you’re burning your skin tissue. A faux glow is the way to go! Beauty Article

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